Questions & Answers

Where does the start take place

Start: Waddenhal
Address: Westerzeedijk 15
Place: 8862 PK HARLINGEN
Country the Netherlands

We start on Friday morning on the advice of the coordinator of traffic controllers at 5:30 am in connection with the traffic congestion in Harlingen.

Route Sports Center Waddenhal Harlingen

From when to when is the event

The roller-skating event Geuzentocht 2020 will start on Thursday June 18, 2020

Then the gathering of all participants in ?????? Harlingen

The roller-skating event Geuzentocht 2020 will take place on Friday 19 and Saturday 20 June 2020

What are the registration costs

Registration costs are € 150.00 per participant

For the volunteers an amount of € 15.00 p.p.

You can transfer the amount to:

SNS BANK NL59 SNSB 0706 2193 33,


to  J. de Geus / Geuzentocht 2020

Pay before 1 December 2019 to be sure of participation.

Payments after 1 December 2019 only in consultation with the organization.
(participation and clothing is not guaranteed after this date)

Have you already paid and do you still finish before the event starts?

Then we use the same motto as with RIJM2014, (Rondje IJsselmeer Markermeer) and G-M (Groningen-Maastricht)

Your registration fee will then go into the pot for Stichting ALS Nederland

At what time is I expected in Harlingen

Volunteers are given in connection with the many activities expected on Thursday, June 18, 2020 at 09:00

Participants and cyclists are expected on Thursday, June 18, 2020 between 2 and 6 PM

Are there enough volunteers

Yes, but if you still want to help people in Harlingen, you are most welcome!


After all, there are still 5000 sandwiches to be lubricated and invested, cars have to be packed with food, drinks and bags.


Then register with Jan de Geus

How do I get to Harlingen

Our advice is, come by public transport.


Or let yourself be taken to Harlingen. Your family or family will welcome you in Vlissingen anyway.


Tip from Jan: travel with many, that saves costs.


Route Sports Center Waddenhal Harlingen

What do we do on arrival Thursday, June 18, 2020

First of all register yourself with the registration.


Between 16.00 and 20.00 you can (at your own expense) eat a delicious pasta meal in the canteen.

We also get those beautiful skate suits again

Yes, but what will it look like? We only know that. Jan de Geus has received an offer from a participant that will design it. We do not say who that is.


This we keep secret until Thursday, June 18, 2020.



The skating kit consists of a 3-part cycling suit: Shirt, Jack and Pants

It is also possible to order a Skeelerpak with jacket: Skeelerpak and Jack

Clothing rules:
Participants are requested the registration amount € 150.00
for the pass days.
You can transfer this to:
SNS BANK NL59 SNSB 0706 2193 33 t.v. J. de Geus / Geuzentocht 2020

For ordering extra clothing you will receive a separate request for payment

EXTRA skating suit, skating kit or cycling shorts with chamois + suspenders
This is possible, but you DO have to pay it yourself.

Prices of extra clothing per item:

Extra Skeelerpak € 69.95

Extra Wieler / Skeeler Shirt € 49.95

Extra Wieler / Skeeler Jacket € 59.95

Extra Skeeler pants € 44.95

Extra cycling shorts with chamois + suspenders € 69.00
(Only to order on the pass days and NOT to be ordered afterwards)

Thursday evening, June 18, 2020 at 7 pm is the presentation of the uniform clothing and handing it out.

Pay attention!! Important for participants from the Netherlands and Belgium who can come to the pass days.

Days were arranged at 3 different places in the Netherlands:



1) In Wezep bij: Stouwdam Sport
02-11-2019 between 10:00 and 14:00u


2) In Vorden bij: Free Wheel
16-11-2019 between 10:00 and 14:00u


3) In Achterveld bij: Mijnten Schaats & Skeelersport
30-11-2019 between 10:00 and 14:00u


Can we stay overnight in Harlingen on Thursday evening?

Yes, the overnight stay is arranged in Sportcentrum Waddenhal in Harlingen.

There are NO extra costs !! The Organization has paid.

The Waddenhal in Harlingen and Geuzentocht 2020 reached an agreement on this on Tuesday 12-3-2019

The Waddenhal has arranged EXTRA surveillance for the night.

The Red Cross Netherlands has promised 250 beds and pillows in the Waddenhal in Harlingen.

The Red Cross is also working on getting the beds in Noordwijk for everyone, participants and volunteers

This means that everyone can LEAVE his or her air mattress AT HOME !!

Air pumps keep the organization at the equipment.
Maybe for a flat tire you never know. hahaha


Route Sports Center Waddenhal Harlingen

The organization also includes power reels

Yes, many Mobile phones, Garmins and Film equipment will have to be charged.

On the way, the organization has access to twin plugs for cars.

Does not take away the fact that you have to charge your mobile phone every now and then, you understand that too.

Can I go with my bag on the go

No, that is NOT possible, during G-M 2017 this was not the case. The bags were then in the coach bus.


Advice: take the much needed with you in your skate shirt, this has 3 bags.

What then, if I have bad luck on the road

The organization has made an agreement with Stouwdam Wezep that material will be included on the route of the Geuzentocht 2020 Harlingen Vlissingen.


Such as tools and bearings, for example.

Is there a medical staff?

Yes, there is a medical staff:


2 Doctors

2 Nurse

2 Masseurs

2 first aiders

2 cars can be recognized by first aid placards on the windows.


On the route where no cars may be allowed, a helmet has been arranged for first aiders.

This way they can go on the back of the bike during the Geuzentocht 2020.

Are there pictures and films made

We are also there, Lammert Lemmen and Hans Huizing are the photographers on the way to points to take pictures, Raoul Sellink and Richard van Herwijnen are also back with them they are on the go with a Drone so that from the air also movies and photos are taken.


Also a large number of participants in the peloton have already indicated that they also want to make photos and films of the total event.

PAY ATTENTION! But not during the skating, think about the accidents that may result.


Another important point: take enough distance in the peloton and do not push each other!

Are there toilet facilities on the way

Yes, all Route-Scouts have indicated addresses that are on their routes.


The organization has had telephone and personal contact with associations and entrepreneurs, during the 1st route exploration. Are you immediately received with open arms! Welcome organization Geuzentocht 2020, we also go for your ALS Foundation!


We are now equipped with toilet facilities at all stops! Thanks everyone.

How many stops are the 1st day

From Harlingen to Gravenzande there are 6 stops in including overnight stay ??


...... .. places are still being filled + BBQ & overnight stay.

Where do we stay overnight after the 1st stop

Friday evening June 19, 2020 we stay overnight location is announced.


Where we are surprised at a Barbecue or Pasta meal from a Barbecue company.

How many stops are there the 2nd day

From location? to Vlissingen there are also 6 stops including Finish:


.......... Places are still being filled. Finish is on the Boulevard in Flushing, Monument Michiel de Ruyter.

What time will we arrive in Vlissingen

We expect to arrive at Boulevard in Vlissingen at the Monument of Michiel de Ruyter on Saturday 20 June 2020 at 7:00 pm.

(behind the monument is ample parking space)

How do I get back home from Vlissingen

Advice: let yourself be picked up by your family, family or friends from Vlissingen.


Or by public transport home if you have also come by public transport.

What if this does not work

In Vlissingen are cheap B & B and hotels, you can stay overnight from € 47.00 including breakfast 2 persons.


But also search via Trivago or Good luck!

Have we forgotten questions?

If you think that important questions and answers still have to be placed, let us know.


Send your question and answer to Jan de Geus


We are in total with ± 200 people. The Organization would like to ask all participants and volunteers to collect donations for the ALS Foundation


You can download the sponsor form >>here<<


Try to achieve at least € 100, - 200 x € 100, - = € 20,000.00


Show that you are behind this great action. Go for it!


A number of other sponsors, it is still a considerable amount!


Good luck ...


Are there any questions let us know >>click here<<


Also on behalf of the total organization,

With best regards,


Organizer Jan de Geus

Web designer Henk de Boer